Why are the prices different for the same watch?

The sale price will vary depending on the condition of the watch, the presence or absence of accessories (original box and warranty card), and the year of production. For second-hand watches, the newer the year, the higher the price setting.

After ordering, how long will it take to arrive?

The ordering time varies according to the type of watch. If it is short, it will take one to two weeks; if it is long, it will take more than a month. We will get in touch with customers immediately after we purchase. Depending on the supply and demand of the market, there is also the possibility that the goods will not be available; please understand.

About the error of the watch?

Depending on the conditions of use (use time, temperature, number of times of winding, wearing style, etc.), the speed of mechanical watches will change (about ±15 seconds/day), resulting in errors. Quartz (battery-type) watches do not have a “daily error” but a “monthly error” as a standard. The error is about ±15 seconds per month.
Depending on the usage, the accuracy range may be exceeded.
It is recommended that you record the error for at least one week and calculate the average value instead of just judging by the value of one day.

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